The Process

  1. Let's get to know each other! We will have a 1-on-1 meet and greet to get to know each other, to chat about what type of photos you are looking to get done, where you would like the shoot to be, outfits, and the overall vibe you are looking for. What do you want your portraits to say about you?

  2. The shoot! Let’s meet up and take some amazing photographs!! Each shoot will be 1-2 hours, this does not include the time that it takes to travel to the location but does include the time it takes to travel between locations if you have chosen to shoot in different spots.

  3. Let’s look at your beautiful face! On average about 2 weeks after the photo shoot your edited photographs will be ready for your review. Edited photographs can be provided via a traditional review sheet or by private gallery. On average for a 1-2 hour shoot you will have 20-30 edited photographs to review. This session will be for you to select the photographs you would like prints of and to discuss the final price for any products you would like.

  4. Delivery! This will be the final delivery of your photographs. If you’ve ordered prints they will take approximately 2-4 weeks to receive. Other options include receiving your prints digitally via thumb drive or downloading them from your private gallery and printing them on your own. Photographs will be medium resolution and high resolution photographs can be made available for additional charge.

Visit the Services & Pricing Page for additional information on services, pricing, bundles and the editing process.


Portraits Pricing = $150

Business Portraits and Branding Sessions

Portraits Pricing = $150

Pet Portraits

Pet Portraits Pricing = $100

Family Portraits

Family Portrait Pricing = $200

ADD HERE…..Maternity Portraits & Branding Sessions